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3 Mexican Volcanoes Tour 3 - 12 January 2020 - Fri, Jan 3 2020, Sat, Jan 4 2020, Sun, Jan 5 2020, Mon, Jan 6 2020, Tue, Jan 7 2020, Wed, Jan 8 2020, Thu, Jan 9 2020, Fri, Jan 10 2020, Sat, Jan 11 2020, Sun, Jan 12 2020

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The Basics:
Event Type:Hike
Event Location:Mexico; La Malinche 14,640 ft / 4,462 m, Iztaccihuatl 17,159 ft / 5,230 m, Pico de Orizaba 18,491 ft / 5,636 m
Date(s) & Time:Fri, Jan 3 2020, Sat, Jan 4 2020, Sun, Jan 5 2020, Mon, Jan 6 2020, Tue, Jan 7 2020, Wed, Jan 8 2020, Thu, Jan 9 2020, Fri, Jan 10 2020, Sat, Jan 11 2020, Sun, Jan 12 2020  7:00 PM
Registration Cut Off: Thu, Dec 24 2020 4:00:00 PM
Event Duration:9 Days
Difficulty Rating:D2: Moderate
Event Leader(s): Rob Brusse
Brent Seal
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Member Cost:None

Participant Info:
Who's Invited: Members & Guests, 18 & Older Only
Attendee Screening: Attendees are Pre-Screened - Trip Leader will review your background and may contact you before accepting you on the trip.
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3 Mexican Volcanoes Tour                               3  - 12  January 2020

La Malinche   14640 ft / 4462 m       Iztaccihautl   17159 ft / 5230 m       Pico de Orizaba     18491 ft / 5636 m

Jan 4 – 7                                               Jan 7 – 9                                             Jan 9 – 11  


Friday             3nd Jan              11:20 pm                      Fly Vancouver   -   Mexico City    5h 40m + time change


Saturday         4rd Jan           7 am    Arrive Mexico City Airport

                                                Before leaving Airport; Buy / Install Mexican SIM card, Pick up rental car   

                                                 Before leaving Mexico City, Purchase fuel canisters, bottled water, food for next 3 days


Teotihuacan Morning Tour with a Private Archeologist    2.5 hours   Near Mexico City to be arranged in advance 


Link describing La Malinche; routes, services, & related options a-malinche/150260


2 pm                            Drive 2.5 hrs to La Malinche Park           

Tent @ trailhead or rent bungalow

                                                                                      Prepare or purchase dinner @ on site Cantina

                                                                                      Saturday night La Malinche acclimatization       @ 10,000 ft


Sunday             5th Jan              Early                             Breakfast @ campsite prepared or purchased

                                                                                      Pack a lunch & bring refreshments

                                                 Day trip            Exploratory & photographic tour of Villages on Malinche slopes

                                                                                      Return to tent @ trailhead or rent bungalow

                                                                                      Sunday night La Malinche acclimatization         @ 10,000 ft


Monday            6th Jan              by 8 am                        Breakfast @ campsite prepared or purchased

                                                                                      Pack up Gear lunch & bring refreshments

                                    Easy Day Hike                3-4 hrs to Advance Base Camp  overnight        @ 12,000 ft


Tuesday            7th Jan              Early Start                     Ascend & summit La Malinche by about noon     @ 14,640 ft                                          Moderate Day hike           Back to base camp        pack up           

Descend to trailhead     pack up

Drive 3.5 hrs                 To Iztaccihautl Park dinner & camp @ trailhead

                                                                                      Iztaccihuatel   overnight @ La Joya  trailhead     @ 13,040 ft


Link describing Iztaccihautl; routes services & related options    15 0193


Wednesday      8th Jan              Moderate (2.5 miles)     hike (ending with short 3rd class section)

                                                                                      Rest & / or scout next day route

                                                                                      Overnight tents? In vicinity of 2nd Hut El Refugio  @ 15,050 ft


Thursday           9h Jan               7 am                            3- 5  hr moderate hike to Summit                         @ 17,159 ft                                          11 am                           Descend to Refugio Hut descend to La Joya

                                                 4 pm                            4 hr drive to Tlachichuca

                                                 9 pm                            arrive               to town of Tlachichuca  

Dinner & Sleep “Servimont”                                @ 8,000 ft






Link describing Servimont (Provisioner to Expeditions; guides, vehicles equipment accommodation laundry showers) ico-volcanoes-geo-info.html


Link describing Orizaba; routes, services & related options o-de-orizaba/150192


Friday            10th Jan             Option 1           North side Glacier Climb - if conditions good, (lots of snow on Glacier)

 4x4 drive to Piedra Grande Hut

Ascend carrying ropes tents ice axes crampons packs & food 

4-5 hrs through Labyrinth to High Camp @

Base of Jamapa Glacier, rest & acclimatize            @ 15,200 ft


                                                 Option 2           * South side Scree Hike - if conditions not suitable (bare ice on Glacier)                                                                               4x4 drive to South side & hike 2 hrs to Fausto Gonzales Hut

Overnight there to acclimatize                           @ 15,300 ft


*My preferred option for this trip    

Link describing experience on this route with very good enlargeable photo’s of hiking route de-orizaba-citlatepetl-3h40- up/


Saturday         11th Jan             Option 1          North Side Glacier Climb    start 1:00 am roped glacier ascent 3-6 hrs

Descend to hut for pick up 4 – 8 hours

3 pm pick up & return to Servimont in Tlachichuca for dinner


                                                 Option 2           South Side Hike             up 5 am start 6 am   scree ascent 4 – 6 hrs

                                                                                      Descend to Road (below hut) for pick up 2-3 hours

                                                                                      3 pm pick up & return to Servimont in Tlachichuca for dinner                                                                               Showers, Laundry, Meals, packing,

                                                                                      Overnight Servimont    Tlachichuca              @ 8,000 ft


Sunday         12th Jan          8 am                             Breakfast Servimont  pick up laundry     

                                                 9 am                             leave Servimont

                                                 Drive 5 hrs                    To Mexico International Airport

Return vehicle

                                                 2:40 pm                        Check in

                                                 6:00 pm                        6 h 15m Flight to Vancouver

                                                 10:15 pm                      Arrive   Vancouver       



To follow;         additional details regarding


Costs               Aero Mexico   return about 1200   Car about 100 per day shared Servimont ?? will find out


Gear                 tents, sleeping pads & bags, small gaz burning stoves,

                        Ice axe, crampons, micro spikes helmet, hiking poles gloves over-mitts, water bottle camel back

                        If considering glacier travel….harness, ropes, ice screws, carabiners, (locking & non-locking) slings                         self-rescue gear prussic slings etc etc


Food                 freeze dried meals (at least 3) for high camps @ La Malinche, Iztaccihautl, Pico de Orizaba


Recommended Items to Bring:
Use our Event Checklists to make sure you have everything you need.

approximate costs
Flight....Aero Mexico........1,200.00
Vehicle rental....(shared).....300.00
Servimont accomm/transport/etc.400.00 / tolls...........200.00
Call Rob 604-227-0747 home or cell 604-928-0972 or email
Brent Seal, (604) 803-6073 - Mobile)

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