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Some events require prepayment. Your reservation for these events is not complete until you have paid for the event prior to the registration cut-off date. Check the event details to find out if money should be paid to the club or event organizer to reserve your spot. Payment information is included at the bottom of every event page under "Cost & Payment." You can pay for your reservation via PayPal, Cash or by Cheque made payable to the Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section.

You MUST sign up for an event prior to paying in order to guarantee your spot!

Cheque - Cheques are accepted, payable to the Alpine Club of Canada, Vancouver Section and mailed to either the Event Leader or the Treasurer.

Cash - Cash is accepted as payment for ACC Vancouver Section events, however, members must PERSONALLY hand their cash to the Event Leader or the Treasurer at a club event (ie. if both you and the Event Leader or Treasurer are in attendance at the same event).

PayPal - This will allow you to pay for events using your credit or debit card as well as automatic withdrawals from your bank account. Here is how you can pay for your event using PayPal. NOTE: We prefer that you pay by CDN$ check unless you absolutely need to use Paypal, i.e. you can't easily send a CDN$ check (no fees involved). If you use PayPal, please add 4% extra to the payment as an additional charge (2% if you use a credit card), since Paypal charges the ACC an additional 4% for all transactions except credit card payments which are charged at 2%.

If you donít have a (free) PayPal account (We suggest signing up and adding funds to your PayPal account no later than one week prior to your payment being due):

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up (it's free to get an account)
  3. Choose Personal, then click on Get Started.
  4. Follow the instructions for entering your information in the form.
  5. Click on Agree and Create Account
  6. Once your account is set up, log into PayPal
  7. Follow the online prompts to get your credit card added to your account or add funds from your checking account
  8. Once you have either your credit card or funds in your account, click the Send Money tab at the top
  9. Put in as the Recipient's E-mail
  10. Put in the total that you owe for Amount
  11. Put Service for Type
  12. Put in the event title for Subject
  13. Put in the name(s) of who you are paying for in the Note field (very important so we know who to mark as paid)
  14. On the next page, select No Shipping Address Required
  15. Then click Send Money
If you do already have a PayPal account: Follow steps 4 through 15 above.

PLEASE NOTE that payments received will be recorded by 9AM on the NEXT BUSINESS DAY following the event cut-off date. If your payment has not been recorded as received before then, do not panic, although you can always e-mail the Event Leader or Treasurer to make sure. Yes, this means that you may sometimes sneak a payment in after the cut-off if the cut-off is on a Friday, but ONLY if the Event Leader or Treasurer is available to accept a late payment and has not already completed recording payments for that cut-off date. Send an e-mail if you want to inquire.

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